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5 Benefits of Dog Daycare

June 03, 2020

Are you considering daycare for your dog?

Dog daycare offers a lot of benefits for your pup, but not all dogs will enjoy it! It's important to first consider whether or not your dog's temperament will make the experience a win or a flop. So, how do you know if your dog is destined for daycare?

The most important aspect of your pet's personality to consider is their sociability toward other dogs. Some dogs are very dog-social, meaning they enjoy interacting with other dogs-it can also mean they're a little over-enthusiastic and even rude toward other dogs. Dog-social dogs often interact well with other dog-social pups and many dog-tolerant dogs. Dogs that are dog-tolerant are often the perfect fit for daycare because they can get along well with everyone, without overstepping their bounds. On the other hand, there are dog-selective and even dog-aggressive dogs who may have a harder time fitting in. Dog-selective dogs will often get along with dog-tolerant dogs, but dogs that are overly social, could get irritated quickly and even lash out. Dog-aggressive dogs are simply not suited to be with other dogs, and would do better in individual playtime with a kennel attendant instead!

So, if your dog is suited for daycare, what are the benefits?

1. Gives Your Dog Plenty of Exercise

Dog daycare often involves a lot of playtimes. Many facilities have outdoor areas that allow groups of dogs to run around and play to their heart's content. Some facilities even have dog play equipment, as you see in agility and relay courses so dogs can enjoy climbing up and down and jumping, too. In warmer climates, you may even see a doggie pool for pups to swim and splash around in! In addition to playing with other dogs, you can usually count on the daycare staff to step in and provide some entertainment, too, in the form of playing fetch, tug-of-war, and other doggie favorites!

2. Dog Daycare Allows Dogs to Improve Their Socialization

Daycare is a great place for dogs to get more comfortable around other dogs-and other people too. Socialization is critical for young puppies especially, but dogs of any age can benefit from controlled (and safe!) social interaction. The more positive experiences your dog has with others, the more confident, friendly, and well-behaved they'll become.

3. Curbs Boredom and Separation Anxiety

Being in a crate or in a closed-off room all day can be boring for our pets-and can often lead to some undesirable behaviors. Separation anxiety is a big problem for many dogs and causes very destructive behavior such as obsessive chewing, and scratching at the door. Being alone in the house all day does little to curb their anxiety! With dog daycare, these pets can enjoy positive social interactions so they don't have to be alone all day. This not only improves their mental health, but keeps your pillows, carpet, and shoes intact!

4. Offers a Safe Day of Play

Many facilities group dogs together based on personality so dog-social, dog-tolerant, and dog-selective dogs all have a great experience. Daycare staff is always available to supervise and offer gentle encouragement and reprimand where needed so all pups play safe. Plus, some dog daycare facilities, like ours in La Porte, TX, are directly connected to an animal hospital, meaning your pet has immediate access to trained medical staff and expert care at the drop of a hat.

5. Gives You Peace of Mind

All these benefits of dog daycare should give you great peace of mind. You'll be able to confidently give your pet a day of their own, where they can safely play with other dogs, interact with other people, and best of all, have fun!

At Bay-Porte Animal Hospital, we're proud to offer the La Porte, TX area safe, fun, and convenient dog daycare services. Plus, our staff are all medically trained professionals, so your pet is in the best of hands. Call us today at (281) 471-6834 to set up your pet's daycare visit!